Shipping policy

  1. Product Information

All products listed and its contents are accurate as of date. Lighturr™ reserves the rights to amend its contents as our products improve from time to time.

  1. Payment Terms
    1. Full payment via any one of our online payment methods should be made for all online purchases.
    2. For other modes of payment, please arrange for payment within three (3) working days. We reserve the rights to release the goods thereafter.
    3. In the event that a product cannot be supplied, due to shortage, discontinuation etc., all payment will be refunded unless other delivery arrangement has been agreed upon.
    4. As an e-commerce store, we are not required to deliver any goods until payment has been received. The order will not be dispatched until payment is cleared. In the case where payment does not clear, we reserve the rights to cancel the order completely.

  2. Shipping and Delivery
    1. Processing time : 1-3 business days.

      Typical shipping times for international orders:

      - Shipping Zone - Asia, North America

      - Shipping time :  3-5 days

      - Shipping Zone - Rest of World
      - Shipping time : 7-10 days

      (There are some countries we may not be able to ship to at the moment due to logistics constraints. However, do drop us an email if you are really keen on an item and we will work out an alternative shipping arrangement for you.)

    2. Free local delivery within 3 working days.
      One (1) free delivery per overall purchase of S$200.00 and above.
    3. Delivery charges
      1. S$30.00 per trip for additional delivery, or for purchases below S$200.00.
      2. Additional S$10.00 charge for locations in Tuas, ALPS, Airport Cargo Complex; others are subjected to notification.
      3. These rates are only applicable for orders in Singapore. If you wish for your order to be shipped to any other country, please refer to international shipping rates during checkout or send an email to for bulk orders.
    4. Delivery time
      1. Normal delivery hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6.00pm.
      2. Saturdays and after office hour delivery is subjected to availability and additional fee of S$20.00 is chargeable.
      3. We reserve the right to change the delivery day and time due to delivery schedule conflicts and/or any other unforeseen circumstances. You will be informed of these changes made in advance prior to your requested day and time.
    5. Self collection
      1. In the event that you would like to self-collect your order from our warehouse, please write to us at at least 2 working days in advance for us to prepare your order for you. If no previous delivery attempts have been made to deliver your order, your shipping fees will be fully refunded.
      2. If you fail to collect your order within 30 Days from the pre-scheduled collection date, your order will be cancelled without refunds.

  3. Warranty Clause
    1. If your product(s) is found defective or damaged upon arrival, we will replace or exchange the product(s) once your return is accepted.
    2. Within 24* months as of delivery date, no obligation** repair or replacement (if cannot be repaired) will be provided at our service center for product(s) under warranty.
    3. After the 24* months warranty period, service will be chargeable for replacement of spare parts (similar or equivalent model) and repair at our service center.
    4. After 24* months, we will do our best to service all our products at our service center; however, we reserve the rights not to provide the service due to unavailability of obsolete spare parts.* for extended 12 months’ warranty
      **Excluding wear and tear and/or misuse.

  4. Offline Orders
      1. All orders must have a Company’s Purchase Order or Acknowledgment of Lighturr™ Quotation sent in either by email or fax. We cannot accept other methods of ordering (verbal, SMS, Whatsapp etc.) under any circumstances.
      2. For bulk or project based orders, a 50% down payment is required upon booking confirmation of your product(s). The balance payment is to be paid upon delivery of product(s). If full payment is not received as stated above, we reserve the right to forfeit all sums already paid and cancel the reservation.
      3. Our delivery personnel will not release the goods without payment and charges will incur to redeliver the goods.
      4. 100% down payment is required for customised products.